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Are You Looking For High School Alternatives?

American National School is uniquely designed to meet the needs of students who seek an alternative to the confines of classroom-based learning. Because our courses are conveniently self-paced, 100% online and supervised by a caring academic support team, our diploma programs are perfect traditional high school alternatives. American National School is ideal for people of all ages and all stages of life, from adults and homeschoolers, to traditional teen higher-schoolers and the college bound. Anyone who is looking to finish high school online is a candidate!

What’s Standing In Your Way From Finishing High School Online?

American National School can help remove the barriers standing in your way from finishing high school online so that you can earn your high school diploma. Study independently at your convenience, on your own flexible schedule. Get close academic support in an accredited curriculum that will help prepare you for college, career and beyond.

Move ahead with ANS online high school programs on your terms. Call 1-888-545-8517 or enroll online today.

American National School is designed to help students with diverse abilities and backgrounds thrive. Our individualized instructional approach and online resources attract a vibrant student body, including:

  • Students who want to pursue a strong college prep education.
  • Students who need classes and study times to accommodate travel, family work schedules, or other needs, including studying during evenings and weekends or at various locations.
  • Gifted students who want a more rigorous course load, including Honors and Advanced Placement classes.
  • Students who are actors or athletes who need extra time to pursue training and fit in performance schedules. For college-bound student athletes, many of our core high school courses are approved for NCAA eligibility.
  • Students whose families live overseas or travel frequently.
  • Students who want to pursue dual credit and dual diploma programs to get a head start on college requirements.
  • Homeschoolers who want exciting electives or challenging supplemental instruction.
  • Students who want to take an online course during the summer.