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We are passionate about being the #1 Online High School offering individuals a clear and supportive path to earning a high school diploma online. We take pride in have the best staff, support, pricing and curriculum available the public and private entities. (Including Homeschooling). Getting you high school diploma online is the first step to your higher education so, make sure you have an accredited school to give you the right direction! Students can have many different scenario’s in which they may need their diploma so, if you have existing education or are just starting your path we’ll make sure you are successful.

What is an Online High School?

Getting your education and completing all the levels necessary to earn a degree or diploma for further education. A High school is the last segment of compulsory secondary education. in Australia, Canada, UK,, India, Ireland, the United States, and other countries; the term also refers to the building where such education takes place. Such education can happen on a campus or can be complete online as well. Comprehensive high schools are some of the most common forms of high schools available to the public. Mainly, they have the purpose of preparing students for examinations they will need to be ready for to enter college. High Schools will offer a variety of courses in English, Mathematics, The Sciences and Social courses for these prep tests. Online High Schools ready students for their post-secondary education.

How do I earn a online high school diploma?

American National School offers a variety of different programs to earn a high school diploma online.Online High School

Students will do the following:

  1. Participate, Enroll and receive Transfer Credit:
    • If you’re a student that has credit’s, we’ll transfer/trade in high school credits for courses they have already completed.
    • Virtual Welcome Kit shows them step by step how the program works
    • Welcome phone call kicks off a virtual tour of the online campus (think of it as the first-day-of-school orientation)
  2. Practice & Complete their online high school diploma courses:
    • Login online and have 24/7 access
    • Get Immediate feedback on prep lessons and exams
    • Full access to online learning resources including library, Calendar, and Academic Support Services
    • Work at your own pace or activate the pace guide to show students how much they need to complete to stay on track to graduate
  3. 24/7 support – get help when you need it.
    • Academic Coach
    • Qualified, certified instructors
    • Technical Support
  4. Start Preparing for your career:
    • Path & Support to Complete coursework and become certified in a chosen career area
    • Availability to participate in online live webinars and prepare for the workplace
    • Get guidance in completing a career portfolio which helps to create resumes, cover letters, and much more
  5. When you graduate, you’ll have earned the following:
    • Accredited High School Diploma
    • Career Certificate
    • Career Portfolio with resumes and cover letters
    • Job training and skills

What type of classes do we offer?

Students may have existing credits or may be just starting. A full list of our online high school courses can be found there. Nevertheless, we offer language Arts – English 1,2,3,4, Mathematical classes – Algebra 1, 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus and mathematics for College Readiness. Science Courses – Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science, Physics and Zoology. Social Studies class – United States History, Economics with financial literacy, Psychology, Sociology, United States Government and world history. Fine Arts classes – art history and criticism, Physical Education Courses – health, Health opportunities through physical education and personal fitness. World Languages Class – French 1, 2 and advanced placement French language and culture. Spanish 1, 2 and advanced placement Spanish language. Honors and AP Courses – English, math honors, math AP, Science honors, Science AP and Social Studies Honors.
online high school programsBesides all the necessary courses you’ll need to earn your online diploma we have a wide variety of accredited advanced and Electives to choose from

Academy of Criminal Justice

Academy of Business & Entrepreneurship

Academy of Internet Technologies

Academy of Health Sciences

Elective Courses

In every aspect of our online high school it is our mission is to be the best-in-class international model for innovative, individualized education. We always strive to provide a safe and nurturing virtual environment for all students worldwide and to equip students with the tools, strategies, values, attitudes that empower them to maximize their potential.

A 21st Century Online Curriculum for 21st Century Success

Over the past 12 years we Have developed a fully accredited program that combines the best online and offline resources from leading educational publishers and curriculum specialists to deliver comprehensive, high-quality K–12 online education. At our disposal are the best resources, American National School students can examine and excel at all the required core subjects available.

Our online curriculum is a highly effective alternative to a traditional private, public, or homeschool curriculum. It’s designed to guide students to obtain the knowledge and thinking skills required for life, work, and higher education. At each different level, organized lessons are mixed with self-paced learning and encouragement for each student to reach his or her maximum potential. These classes also develop talents in the must have “four Cs” of 21st century learning:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Communication
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Collaboration

The Finest Materials Available

Our Virtual High School and Curriculum experts review and choose the top texts and teaching materials from credible publishers to develop units, lessons, and activities. Our innovative multimedia team has worked closely with the experts to provide interactive tools and libraries that allow students to dive into the learning. Teachlet ® tutorials and learning games combine graphics, video, and audio to bring ideas and concepts to life.

Exciting Electives

Always Improving

100% the curriculum is evaluated, analyzed and revised regularly. Why? it ensures that it delivers the most effective content and over delivers on state and national standards. As part of this high school diploma onlineongoing review, students and parents are asked to rate each lesson on a five-star scale. After nearly three million evaluations, Connections Education has received an average lesson rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Curriculum Built for Success

An on-going Education should help equip students for work, college, and life. And at the foundation of a good education, you’ll find a strong curriculum.

Over the past fourteen years, we have developed, tested, and refined the Connections Education curriculum to ensure that it meets national and state standards as well as those set by leading educational organizations. Most importantly, our online curriculum is designed to meet the diverse needs of our students.

But the work doesn’t stop there. We’re committed to continuous improvement, reviewing and revising our curriculum regularly. As part of this ongoing review, we ask students and parents in the Connections Education community to rate each lesson on a five-star scale.

Here’ the Curriculum Overview

Students must successfully complete a total of 18 credits (they can transfer in up to 14 credits) in the following subjects.

  • English (4 credits)
  • Social Studies (3 credits)
  • Math (3 credits)
  • Science (3 credits)
  • Health/PE (1 credit)
  • Career Elective Courses (4 credits)

Why having an Accredited Online High School makes all the difference?

accredited online high school

Female College Student Using Computer In Classroom

American National School partners and associates have been granted Accreditation from the leading accrediting agencies.

Why does Accreditation Matter

  • Enrollees may transfer in credit, boosting their degree completion, saving time and effort
  • It is Required for students to enter many universities or career training
  • It Allows students access to greater money assistance such as financial aid, federal loans, and scholarships
  • Often employers reward prospective employees who have attended an accredited institution
  • Guarantee’s the quality of the institution; an accredited school must “act with integrity in all matters.”

How much does it cost?(What is the Price?)

This can vary depending on how much continuing education you need but, an online high school cost typically is very affordable. The price of an online diploma is more expensive than just completing a couple of coursed to earn your diploma. Keep in mind, An Online High School Diploma might be your ticket for graduating secondary school and your springboard to a top-notch training. Having a secondary school certificate has noteworthy focal points from passing the GED, or the General Education Development test, which should ensure scholarly abilities at the secondary school level, however sets the bar much lower than a decent secondary school training.

Numerous reasons exist why individuals are debilitated or kept from finishing secondary school in the customary way. It’s essential to acknowledge, notwithstanding, that grown-ups with a secondary school certificate or GED gain a normal of $11,000 every year more than grown-ups who haven’t completed secondary school (US Census Bureau). Besides, those with recognitions make impressively more than those with GEDs. For additional about the benefits of a recognition over a GED, see our article “Secondary School Diplomas versus the GED.”

The assortment and accessibility of online schooling diploma’s can be both extensive and cheap. Certificates from quality online secondary schools are scholastically identical to those earned in the conventional secondary school setting, and ought to be perceived in that capacity by potential bosses and universities and colleges. Be that as it may, scanning for an Virtual high School recognition program without knowing certain realities and pitfalls can squander time, cash, and vitality.

In deciding the estimation of an online secondary school program, you will need to consider the following before justifying the cost: rate of fruitful program culmination, simplicity of correspondence with the school and with educators, adaptability and conveyance of classes, guiding and coaching administrations, individualized programming, accessibility of specialization (designing, religion, expressions, and so forth.), double credit offerings, and extracurricular exercises or clubs.

The cost for an online secondary school training ranges anywhere in the range of $0 – $10,000+ every year. This relies on upon the sort of secondary school and whether government financing is accessible. All schools ought to give an organized rundown of expenses and ought to clarify how educational cost is charged (by credits, by class, by semester, and so on.).