Avoid Fake Online Diploma, Sign Up with an Accredited High School Online

Many people think of diploma mills only with college degrees. You earn your masters in “life experience” from an official sounding college. Unfortunately, some of them have been convincing enough to get people jobs in schools and government offices. With many people looking into new ways to crack down on diploma mills, they can seem fairly obvious. If a school offers to sell you a college degree without taking any classes or with just a few, the school isn’t offering you a real degree.

What about all the students going through the full battery of required classes to graduate? Both physical and online high schools offer classes adult and other students can take to earn a diploma. Ideally, you’d have a counselor who could help you plan ahead and take the right classes to graduate and be ready for your future. If the school isn’t accredited, your diploma might not count for what you expect.

When it’s time to start applying with accredited universities and career schools, you could be in for a rude awakening. Some prospective students assume they’d recognize the differences before spending any money. If you’re only looking for accredited high schools, that could be true. There are other signs not all students know to watch for.

Recognize a Diploma Scam before You’re the Next Victim

If any school tells you they’ll send you a high school diploma for a fee, you’re most likely being scammed. If you receive an official-looking piece of paper in the mail shortly after signing up, it could be a sign of the same problem. When you’re shopping for a school, you can watch out for red flags such as:

  • Only a PO Box or no contact information listed on the website
  • No phone number to contact them with
  • Flat-rate tuition for the degree, not by class or credits
  • Names that are extremely similar to well-known universities
  • Any claims or promises that sound too good to be true
  • Minimal if any contact with staff and instructors

Why Does It Matter If an Online High School is Accredited?

If you’re not going back to a public school, you should always be cautious of any potential scam. You’re spending your time and hard earned money. Some students can take high school classes online for free based on age and other factors. No matter where you take your classes, only accredited high schools can transfer credits and issue the right type of degree.

Individual employers may not recognize a fake degree. If they run a background check, they won’t find what you hope for. When applying to colleges and career schools, you’ll run into more trouble without an accredited diploma. All the work you did might not be accepted at all.

Find a Quality Online High School Education with Accredited Schools

Even if you’re unsure of how far you want to go, always take the time to make sure you’re attending an accredited high school. It’s not just about what’s on paper or checking off boxes. When you choose an accredited school, officials have already checked to make sure it meets a set list of standards.

This ensures you don’t have to worry about the content of your education at a basic level. You’re getting what you need for high school. An accredited school also prepares you with the information you need when you get into college. Students from high schools across the country enter expected to understand certain concepts. An accredited high school curriculum helps you get there.

Not all accredited high schools are the same as you might imagine. Some put more focus on finding qualified teachers who will go out of their way to help you. Others might focus on offering a diverse range of classes including those that will help you get into careers like web design. Many great schools work to find the balance between more options and quality.

Is It Time to Come Back for Your High School Diploma?

If you’ve considered going back to high school, now could the be the perfect time for you. American National School can help you explore your class options to find the right curriculum. We can also help you explore financing and scheduling. Many of our students are adult learners returning to school while working full-time. You might have other obligations to balance with your schooling as well.

Returning for your high school diploma can open up new doors. American National School can make it easier to get started in an accredited high school program. To explore your options with education professionals, click here.

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